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Stuffed dry peppers – Homa Restaurant

Thanks to exquisite Homa Restaurant we’ve been working with since the very beginning of Kabinet, that also offered beer pairing menu, we are sharing this vegetarina recipe. At this delicate time, it may be ideal to practice new skills such as practicing undiscovered cooking talents.

Stuffed dry peppers
Stuffing: Soak 200g mung beans in water for half an hour, cook. Fry 400g onion in oil, chopped on the ribs until translucent and sweet. Remove from the hot sauce and add 100g of chopped prunes, cumin, smoked paprika, salt and pepper to taste. Mix all this well with the cooked beans until a compact mixture is obtained. After that, fill with dried peppers that you previously soaked in warm water (about an hour) to soften. Pepper and tomato sauce with sage and coriander: 100g purple onion, 200g pepper extract with a little oil, add 500ml tomato juice, boil for a minute and blend it all. Salt and pepper to taste. Finally add fresh coriander and sage and infuse it for half an hour, then process. Ideally served with sheep sour milk.

Lets remember all the people & the places that marked our meetings, family celebrations, let’s remember the small producers, local artists, all the people who somehow make the place we live nicer & better, thanks to chef and co owner of Homa, Filip Ciric for this tasty recipe.