Željko Lončar - DayDream Studio

KB: What was the idea that lead the design?
ŽL: The idea was to present successful cooperation of the two well known brands through my own eyes and illustration style. At first thought a mix of Jaffa biscuits and Kabinet beer seemed unusual but I was interested in this bold invitation to the adventure. As a result of the collaboration of these two striking visual identities, my task was even more challenging and the solution required a combination that will unite both well known brands and their developed visual languages.

KB: What was the inspiration?
ŽL: Idea of an exotic adventure in which new spaces are being explored and interesting encounters occur immediately came to my mind. Black chocolate and dark strong beer in combination with orange called for a darker environment in which the scene was taking place. The idea of cosmos spontaneously settled as a result of these thoughts. It seemed appropriate because cosmos is the place where the collision of the worlds and the creation of the new ones arises. In this interesting bang, Jaffa biscuits are flying objects that are floating through the universe and are allowing all researches to come up with new tastes and sensations baffling along the way.

KB: Was it a taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
ŽL: The taste itself influenced my work on the illustration and it was very inspiring to me how much the taste of dark beer evolved and became sophisticated compared to the earlier period.

KB:How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
ŽL:It is a great pleasure for me as a beer lover and an illustrator to be part of the story that Kabinet beer is making. I believe that Kabinet bewery explains in the best way a concept of the craft beer and that we should be thankful to them for the craft beer movement in Serbia that pathed a way for other beer producers here. Kabinet is setting standards in terms of the beer quality as well as their courageous authentic design that promotes and differ from the standard expectation of the beer design is a real refreshment on the market. An inspiring example of a local company that makes a high quality authentic products according to the world standards.

KB: What is your favorite Kabinet beer?
ŽL: My favorite Kabinet beer is Supernova, fullness and strength with a gentle orange feel is just perfect for me.

Željko Lončar (1981, Zagreb) as a designer and a graphic artist actively works and participates on the art scene in Serbia. After graduating from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, he founded Turbosutra, a design and conceptual group with whom he exposes in Serbia and in the surrounding countries. He participates in the organization of the major art-design projects such as the Laser Summit of cheap graphics that gathers a large number of designers of the younger generation. He is also a member (founder) of the SilkSkrin group, Flomasters and the Cabinet collective SR:CH with whom he exhibits and promotes media graphics as well as the cultural exchange of artists and students from Europe through numerous exhibitions and projects. He currently lives in Belgrade where he works as a graphic designer at Visoka School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts (VŠLPUSS), in addition to teaching he is also leading a graphic design studio DAYDREAM.