Valentina Brostean

KB: What was the idea that lead the design?
VB: A wider interpretation of the name, I was thinking about the word “Disco” and how to put it in the right context, to connect it with the situations and people that will be drinking beer.

KB: What was the inspiration?
VB: The word disco has brought associations like: summer, fun, freshness, relaxation, calm, clubbing, party, happiness, urban moments, etc… I wanted to show all these elements as one visually appealing portrait.

KB: Was it a taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
VB: The disco theme was definitely a guideline, I haven’t tasted the beer yet.

KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
VB: Great creative challenge – just as I like it, especially taking into account the highest standards set by the previously engaged designers.

KB: What is your favorite Kabinet beer?
VB: Unfortunately, I have not tried it yet, but as soon as I come to Serbia this summer, I’m going to taste them all, I’m curious! 😀

Valentina Brostean is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose style is often defined as a pop surrealism and it is characterized by recognizable elements of collage and authentic, sometimes bizarre, characters. Her works can be found in many books, magazines, throughout fashion campaigns and have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious world galleries. The fusion of her eclectic style can be seen at www.valentinabrostean.com