Studio Metaklinika

KB: What ideas are behind this creative solutions?
SM: The illustration was done during the hype of the World Cup, when stirred emotions and curses were flying in all Belgrade’ cafes despite a fact that the national football team of Serbia was not in Brazil, nor in any recent world championships.

KB: What was the inspiration?
SM: The information that dominant aromas of the beer were mint and herbs, as well as the name Bastardo, which all took us to the soccer fields. We remembered how thin is the line that divides players from glorification or calling them bastards, colloquially sons of bitches. We drew one of them: Bastard, at the same time aggressive and likeable, a dual character.

KB: Is the taste of beer that defined the label design?
SM: Definitely, there was a lot of research involved into developing of the taste and it has contributed to the inspiration.

KB: How was to design a label for the first Serbian craft beer?
SM: Refreshing, like mint and herbs.

KB: Your favorite Kabinet beer?
SM: SuperNova.

International award-winning visual artists Nenad Trifunovic and Lazar Bodroza made Metaklinika stuido. Scope of this independent creative studio includes graphic design, photography, branding, illustration, animation…