Story Line

KB: What are the idea that lead the design?
Jovana – Storyline: We are children of the summer and somehow our first association for this beer was just a light pace and enjoyment.

KB: What was the inspiration?
Jovana – Storyline: The reflection of the sun and the waves on the beach, as a perfect spillover of these colors. 🙂

KB: Was it a taste of the beer that defined the design of the label?
Jovana – Storyline: Yes, the great influence on us left the merger of these flavors. Pineapple and red pepper are not the first thing that comes to your mind when you say beer, but it’s exactly what has been defined as the main actors of the label.

KB: How do you feel about a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
Jovana – Storyline: Kabinet beers design hold certain value as every label is a real artwork in itself and it is a great pleasure for us to be part of this club of artists whose work will proudly carry a bottle of your favorite beer.

KB: Your favorite Kabinet beer?
Jovana – Storyline: Definitely BrrKaa and Nenad claims that Supernova is a little closer to his heart. 🙂