Nemanja Jehlička

KB: What are the motives for creating this design?
LI: Dark and handsome man, deceitful and changeable.

KB: What was your initial inspiration?
LI: To show the complexity and fullness of the flavor that contains Porter.

KB: Was it the taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
LI: It did not. The illustration was done for a completely different beer. However, that beer has been dropped from the production but Kosara and Branimir liked the illustrations, so we decided to keep it, with slight modifications and apply to Porter.

KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
LI: It was great fun and a thrilling ride since apart from the label for Porter, I also worked on creating a visual identity for the Kabinet Brewery.

KB: Your favorite Kabinet beer?
LI: Huh, Vista, Vertigo or Milk Stout. Dead heat.

Nemanja Jehlička, graphic designer and creator of Lorem Ipsum studio that did naming and logo design for the Kabinet Brewery. He worked in agencies like Trans: east, Unibrand and Peter Gregson. Some of his rewarded projects were for Zdravo Organic, Moritz Eis, Belgrade Design Week, Mixer festival.