Insomnia - Stanislav Mirković

KB: What ideas are behind this creative solutions?
SM: Idea was to visualize a strong dark beer.

KB: What was the inspiration?
SM: The name and the type of this beer Cassius Stout was a guidance and defined color and design direction.The challenge was to abstractly and symbolically portray a strong dark beer but to illustrate a connection with the name and identity of the Cassius.

KB: Is the taste of the beer that defined the label design?
SM: It is interesting that Cassius Clay was an atypical star of his time, similar to the Kabinet with its Stout Cassius, with a unique approach, philosophy, combination of the flavors. Thus was born this strong, sharp and dark star among the beers, edged with gold.

KB: How is to design a layout for the first Serbian craft beer?
SM: It is fun.

KB: Your favorite Kabinet beer?
SM: Plavo.

Stanislav is a visual artist, engaged in branding, visual communications, illustrations, graphic and industrial design. He is the founder of the design studio Insomnia that did design for fast moving consumers goods.