Wheat me up

Đorđe Vasić

KB: What was the idea that lead the design?
ĐV: To illustrate a relaxed atmosphere of the summer through use of certain colors and symbols.

KB: What was the inspiration?
ĐV: I was passing Tashmajdan and from somewhere I hear … Wheat me up before you go-go.

KB: Was it a taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
ĐV: I was not able to taste beer before designing a label.

KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
ĐV: The process was exciting and refreshing. It will be an interesting story for grandchildren.

KB: What is your favorite Kabinet beer?
ĐV: Brrkaaa and Wheat Me Up!

Graphic designer with ten years of work experience. He collaborated with numerous domestic and foreign clients. Did projects for Draslar Partner and Simpo. He currently works at Hominid Studio, as well as on freelance projects.