Dejan Micić

KB: What was idea that lead the design?
DM: To make a label and to create a brand for the beer that was made as a cooperation of Samo Pivo pub and Kabinet Brewery, incorporating their experience and quality, with the specific style and this beer’s character lead to unorthodox solution.

KB: What was the inspiration?
DM: It’s a true story. Just like in a movie, the modern time soldier of one of the greatest army forces, Pablo, enteres Samo Pivo Pub. While leaning on a bar counter he was telling us his story. After a few months, as it has happened many times before, a phone call from some general and his back on a road. Modern American story.

KB: Was it the taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
DM: If by any chance the road takes you across the deserts of New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, or you dear to cross dried lakes of California, this little Mexican would be your trustworthy companion.

KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
DM: As personally and professionally I am following the Serbian newborn craft scene, Kabinet has always had those good characteristics of an older brother.

KB: What is your favorite Kabinet beer?
DM: We evolve together in a good direction.

Dejan Micić, a member of a creative team of the biggest craft beer pub in the region, promoter of the independent beer scene – Samo Pivo! During the day designer in the agency Ovation BBDO Worldwide.