Bratislav Milenković

KB: What are the motives for creating this design?
BM: First of all the objective was for the label to match Kabinet s dinstictive visual identity so to be positioned in their line adequately and also to clearly tells the story of the content of this bottle.

KB: What was your initial inspiration?
BM: As this beer belongs to the type of American Pale Ale it seems to us that it makes sense to play on the stereotypes related to the culture of the United States (USA) and after a few ideas, cute Brrkaaa emerged as the winner.

KB: Was it the taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
BM: In an certain way the label was supposed to convey a certain amount of freshness and that is why his portrait is made out of light and simple forms surrounded with lots of white space around, thus to enable the label to be playful and also visually functional.

KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
BM: It is exciting and fun. It is quite inspiring to be part of a pioneering project, especially if it involves ILLUSTRATION and BEER.

KB: Your favorite Kabinet beer?
BM: Plavo, Vista 1, 2.

Bratislava is a freelance illustrator and a graphic designer. He worked as an Art director in agency Bruketa & Žinić. He also founded the Lorem Ipsum Studio with Nemanja Jehlička and Nikola Zmajević. Its portfolio consists of projects for the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Financial Times, Computer Art magazine, Moritz Eis..