Becha – Vesna Pešić

KB: What ideas are behind this creative solutions?
VP: If I was visually trying to describe how a taste, through senses, works on a brain and creates an overall experience in a mind, this would be it. The idea is to illustrate and describe this sensation with an image.

KB: What was the inspiration?
VP: I think that flora again won as my favorite source of inspiration. If you follow up on the previous answer, it’s not difficult to believe that this is how a plant feel while it is flourishing and the two ideas somewhere combine.

KB: Is the taste of the beer that defined the label design?
VP: I would rather say that it was up to the name, Mosaic, which has to do with the process of making this beer. I wanted for the illustration to be drawn from a lot small parts that make up a harmonious entity, such as the taste of the beer.

KB: How it is to design a label for the first Serbian craft beer?
VP: Without exaggeration, I was thrilled by their call. First of all, because I have a lot of respect for the Kabinet Brewery and how daring it is to start such a project in Serbia today. Even more because they recognizes importance of the visual identity that is left to the professionals without any limits and requirements, which is a rarity in this day and age. In view of all this and considering as list of artists who have already work and have very high standards, it gave me an incredible satisfaction.

KB: Favorite Kabinet beer?
VP: Now I will probably disappoint with the answer but I did not try any of them. Since I have been pregnant and became a mother during the time that the brewery has started I have left alcohol for some near future time. I promise that I shall update this answer.

Becha, Vesna Pesic, is a graphic designer who uses a specific collage technique. Her works have been used for many magazines, fashion campaigns and advertisements, such as Elle, Computer Arts, MTV…