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Beer creates great excitement.
It looks simple, but it actually hides many secrets. Every craft beer causes impatience before the tasting and enjoyment when you are revisiting the flavor. Its diversity of taste, aroma, texture and color is huge, sometimes it seems endless.
We consider ourselves to be passionate gourmets. We are searching for new and unusual tastes, while aiming to offer the highest quality craft beers from the selected ingredients, thus we have created Kabinet Brewery. Our beers are produced in Nemenikuće on a sunny slope at a foot of the mountain Kosmaj.
Our wish is that Kabinet Brewery, as a Cabinet of curiosities(*), gathers in one place all the amazing tastes and smells of the beer world that has long inspired us. Welcome to Kabinet Brewery.

(*) The Cabinet of curiosities or wonders– a collection of distinctive, unique items, all that is rare, strange and precious, the finest handicrafts, natural wonders, usually received and gathered from the exotic travel as an examples of the natural, geological, religious, ethnological and artistic value.


  • Pactivity- Grand prix for the best packaging in Serbia 2014/2015
  • Regpak- the best series of the labels in the region 2016
  • Serbian Chamber of Commerce- The best of Serbia- for the most successful start up in 2016
  • Ernst & Young- Best Entrepreneur of the Year- nominee 2016
  • Ratebeer- Best beer in Serbia 2014
  • Ratebeer- Best beer in Serbia 2016, Best brewer in Serbia & Best brewery in Serbia
  • Ratebeer- Best beer in Serbia 2017
  • Ratebeer- Best beer in Serbia 2018
  • Ratebeer- Best beer in Serbia 2019
  • Ratebeer- Best beer in Serbia 2020
  • Ratebeer- Best Brewmaster in Serbia 2020

Kabinet Lounge

While your imagination flourishes, the flavors inspire you to try one of over 20 unique beers. As a crown, there are slow-cooked dishes, with the stamp of the experienced chef Max.
In six years, the Kabinet, as the first greenfield craft brewery in Eastern Europe, with more than 12 awards for beer and design, arrived on five continents from this oasis of peace in Nemenikuće.

Enjoy Friday, Saturday or Sunday, indoors or on the meadow in a picnic style, the choice is entirely yours, and the wind rose is meant for a complete vacation from the city.

Take a peek at the Kabinet Brewery, the Cabinet of rarities and the unique utopia of the finest taste - join us!

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