Angel – Aleksandar Milivojević

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  • Citra Pale Ale
    KB: What are the motives for creating this design?
    AM: At the moment when I was being interviewed for the label design for PALE ALE I got an idea that was completely reduced and simple: I wanted for the beer that I drink to see.
    KB: What was your initial inspiration?
    AM: The inspiration was the talk that I had in Kabinet. In addition of tasting the entire line of their beers.
    KB: Was it the taste of the beer that defined design of the label?
    AM: Design of the labels was defined the very moment in which that beer flowed through my throat. I wanted for the beer to see and to invite people to taste it. The name Pale Ale read in Serbian sounds – Pale Ale/Fallen dragons. In my mind the crystallized image of an Ala/Dragon (plural) that heats the boiler in which the fermentation takes place. Hence the subtle appearance of scales on the label.
    KB: How does it feel like to do a design for the first Serbian craft beer?
    AM: Very fun, pleasant house.
    KB: Your favorite Kabinet beer?
    AM: BRKA.

Ale with Citra hops, the so-called “Eye” is the work of tattoo and street artists
Aleksandra Milivojevića- Angela.